Mantra School Bright Lineage Buddhism

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Mantra School Bright Lineage Buddhism

Mantra Bright Lineage

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"Bright 光明流" is a lineage of "Mantra 真言宗" school Buddhism. It evolves from Japan's "Shingon Buddhism", The Founder "Master Wu Guang 悟光上師" brought the linkage back to Taiwan in 1972,

after inheritance from Xian's "Wei Guo Acharya 惠果阿闍棃" of Qing Long Temple 青龍寺 by "Master Kobo Diachi 弘法大師" during the Tang Dynasty 唐朝.



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Origins of The Temple of Universal Brightness

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"Temple of Universal Brightness 光明王寺" situated at "Mount Five Wisdom 五智山", is the leading temple of "post Shingon Buddhism 後日本真言宗" founded by "Master Wu Guang 悟光上師" in Taiwan.

"Esoteric Buddhism 密宗" budded in India, developed and presented by "Universal Buddha Variocana 大日如來", introduced to China by "Subhakara Simba 善無畏三藏" and "Vajra Bodhi 金剛智三藏" via both the land and the sea routes during the Tang Dynasty. Their doctrines were finally passed on to "Monk Wei Guo 惠果和尚" of Qing Long Temple 青龍寺 and Japanese "Monk Kukai 空海" inherited the "Esoteric Buddhism 密教" doctrines from "Wei Guo Acharya 惠果阿闍棃" before his death, Kukai was then assigned the sacred mission to preserve the doctrines, he moved further to reorganize and to innovate to form the "Shingon Buddhism" in Japan, and became the famous "Master Kobo Diachi 弘法大師" thereafter.

After more than a thousand years, Master Wu Guang went to Kongobu-ji 金剛峰寺 (the Head Temple of Shingon at Mount Koya) in 1971 to learn and to recapture this ancient Esoteric Buddhism from "Monk Xuan Xiong 宣雄和尚". He graduated from the "Main Court Stream 中院流" and was seriously awarded the title "The 54th Bhisoka Acharya 第54世傳法阿闍棃", the bloodline thus returned to China (the mainland) in 1972.

On his return to Taiwan for the second year, Master Wu Guang initiated the massive plan to build the "Temple of Universal Brightness 五智山光明王寺" in Kaohsiung of Taiwan so that Esoteric Buddhism rooted again in the mainland after a terrible missing period of centuries.

He evolved and differentiated from Shingon, finally created "Kong Ming Stream 光明流" and became the "1st Founding Bhisoka Acharya" himself, this marked the official inception of "Mantra Bright Buddhism 佛教真言宗光明流" in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.


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The First Abbot

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The first abbot Master Hui Ding was appointed by the Founder Master Wu Guang on October 7, 1999. Alias Chiang Huihsiung 蔣徽雄, Master Hui Ding was an engineering graduate from Feng Chia University 逢甲大學, Taichung, Taiwan.

In his college days he was always confused by the values of life and why he is on earth. He did a lot of thinking and meditation and began to explore buddhism. In his second year, he was inspired by the buddhist philosophy of "keeping peace of mind via faith 安心立命", that is to know yourself and be contented with what you can achieve with your wisdom.

He further studied in the Institute of Hua-Yen Buddhist Studies 華嚴專宗學院佛學研究所 and graduated in 3 years. Immediately after his graduation in 1986 he donned the robe and shaved his head under the seat of Senior Acharya Wu Guang, studying Esoteric Buddhism. He helped Superior Master in building the new temple, which took 15 long years and when the Superior Master died in 1999 he carried on his wishes.

He succeeded Master Wu Guang by taking over the temple which has branches in Taipei, Tainan, Kaoshiung as well as Hong Kong. He takes care and leads over 6,000 disciples in their studies. He preaches in different locations which covers a vast area of topics.

Amongst that he flavors talking about Avatamsaka Sutra 華嚴經 which is well known for its detailed description of the course of the bodhisattva's practice through 10 stages. For instance, he preached it in Taipei every month for 3 years and he thinks that has no conflict with the esoteric doctrines. Because it showed the ways a practitioner can achieve buddhahood in his daily life, starting from an awakening faith 發心 upgrade to 10 grades of bodhisattva faith +信 in conjunction with the wisdom which penetrates the ultimate reality 觀慧.



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